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shore by kiyora-sano shore :iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 0 0 breeze by kiyora-sano breeze :iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 0 0 hangtime by kiyora-sano hangtime :iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 1 2
For Someone Important
Words are the only thing I have
There’s so much else I want to hold
I never seem to ask
Any proper questions anymore
I’m always walking with my eyes closed
I’m always walking with my eyes closed
Paper feelings
Aren’t the same as feeling the way I
Do around you
But I can’t seem to decide how to tell you
Please believe me
When I tell you I can’t forget you
Why is it hard
To ask you if you feel the same thing too
I’d never try to change the way
You look at me when I see you
I only wish someday
That you could see the smile that I see
Sunlight in your eyes surrounding me
Sunlight in your eyes surrounding me
Paper feelings
Aren’t the same as feeling the way I
Do around you
But I can’t seem to decide how to tell you
Please believe me
When I tell you I can’t forget you
Why is it hard
To ask you if you feel the same thing too
Looking for somewhere to turn
Fight the way this feeling burns
Not much to do except to try
Afraid of what I fe
:iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 1 8
Can't Sleep
Hey guys, guess what – it’s half past one
The sun’s been down since
I don’t know when –
A long time
I should try to get some sleep
But that’s not quite on the program
I guess I’ll just sit
And try to think –
Or not think
Cause when I do, I can’t stop
Late nights and
Late mornings
Same things are going through my head
Red sunrise
The warning
Tonight will be the same thing
I’m still awake and going nowhere
TV has not helped
It’s no big deal –
I don’t care
I’ll just stare at the ceiling
:iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 1 10
Sea Foam by kiyora-sano Sea Foam :iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 2 0 Sea Breeze 2 by kiyora-sano Sea Breeze 2 :iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 3 0 Sea Breeze 1 by kiyora-sano Sea Breeze 1 :iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 1 0
The Light Switch
There are things that make me smile
Like everything is green and good and light
For a little while
And I am free and life isn't some kind of
Rushed, painful, stress-inducing mess
The things that I find
Relax me, reassure me, comfort me.
But all of a sudden the light switch goes on
(or off)
And the clouds roll in
August heat thunderstorm style
Little things make big differences
My shoes are in the way
The wrapping paper's gone
There's someone in the bathroom and I need to go NOW
And then it's like I forget everything
Was I having a good night?
This afternoon was cool, right?
My day wasn't terrible
Was it?
Well, it is now.
And all the little things turn into tears
I feel so stupid
Am I some kind of baby?
Is this really something worth crying over?
Probably not.
It's ridiculous.
The worst genetic birthday gift ever.
And now the negatives are my focus.
Now let's see how long it takes me
To fall asleep.
:iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 0 0
Renly Desktop by kiyora-sano Renly Desktop :iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 2 14 Ruined by kiyora-sano Ruined :iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 2 8
Signed, Thomas More
I watched as you grew
And your youth became pride
Once a child, now a king
The man locked up inside
Your passionate nature
The haste in your heart
The pitfalls of kinghood
When boys play the part
Your power was mighty
(If put to ill use)
Your hand tightened firmly
The king's words a noose
to any who'd question
The will of your mind
You turned to see me
Defiant but kind
My loyalty never
Would stand in my way
Until you put that
Before His holy name
I wanted to reason
I hoped you would see
The humble and loving
Subject I could be
But pride was damnation
If not for a king,
Then for this poor man
Who had fought for the thing
that faith told him to trust
Above everything else
Even kings could not break
The resounding church bells
You asked me to choose
Between Heaven and Earth
To weigh my beliefs
Against my life's worth
I followed my heart
And to Him I stayed true
Condemned for believing
There was more to you
My sentence commuted
Though given the worst
I died your good servant,
But God's ser
:iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 2 0
Leaf by kiyora-sano Leaf :iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 1 0 Cascade by kiyora-sano Cascade :iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 1 10 Autumn - WCB Homestead by kiyora-sano Autumn - WCB Homestead :iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 0 5
Supernatural: Witching Hour p1
SUPERNATURAL: 'Witching Hour'
Sam Winchester had learned over the years that it was just easier to humor his brother than to argue with him.
Dean had been bugging his younger brother about going to Salem, Massachusetts for quite some time – it had been, thankfully, a slow couple of months for cases. Sam was convinced that it was a hype town, geared towards tourists seeking cheap and stereotypical witchery, but Dean had always harbored a sort of secret fascination for the town's dark history. It was because of that fascination that Sam was now getting an earful of witch trials lore – and trying to ignore Dean's ramblings.
"Did you know that they never actually burned anyone at the stake? They only hanged them. And there were actually some men who were convicted too."
Sam sighed. "If you know so much about this place, why are we going there? And since when are you this interested in witches? Last time we ran into a coven you wouldn't shut up about how much you hated them
:iconkiyora-sano:kiyora-sano 0 0

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I'm drinking some fucking amazing tea and my mouth is in pain. Thanks-no-thanks, dentist.
(The tea is Teavana's Pineapple Kona Pop, for you enthusiasts out there.)

1.) There's a new pope. I'm not really Catholic anymore - i'm more polyreligious - but I was watching the coverage yesterday because my mom wanted me to DVR it. The guy they chose seems like the perfect choice. He has his Ph.D in chemistry or something, so he's worldly and forward-thinking. From what I've seen and heard, this is a really positive step. So the part of me that is pro-Catholic is very pleased with this. Hail Pope Frank. <3

2.) Writing is slow at the moment, but I'm still making progress. My novel has been getting most of my attention lately - it's just a matter of actually sitting down and hammering it out in Word. I really want to finish this chapter by the end of the semester. I'm not shooting for sooner because, well, I'm taking TWO LANGUAGES because I'm a crazy person. So lots of work, but hopefully...SOON.

3.) Lots of shitty personal stuff going on right now - I may elaborate in a later journal, but I have to work soon, so I can't go into much detail.

4.) CLOCKWORK PRINCESS CLOCKWORK PRINCESS CLOCKWORK PRINCESS. I pre-ordered it, so it should be to my dorm BY THE END OF NEXT WEEK *dies* That book will kill me. I am resigned to this fate. I accept it.

That's about it for now. I may journalize later on.
TTFN, all!
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  • Reading: A Game of Thrones - george r.r. martin
  • Watching: Supernatural
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  • Drinking: Teavana - pineapple kona pop &lt;3


Gwaine Elizabeth Mormont
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hallo all! I'm Amie and I've been writing since I was about 7 years old. Luckily, I've improved a LOT since then, and my goal is to be published in 5 years. I am a theater major in college and hope to be on stage, both acting and playwriting, once I've gotten my degree.

WARNING: I have tendencies to eviscerate my enemies in fiction, babble on about nothing, and commit fave-and-runs. Also, don't feed me after midnight. (unless it's oatmeals. ah luvs teh oatmeals.)

Current Residence: the good ship The Leaky Marie
Favourite genre of music: 80s, indie, showtunes
MP3 player of choice: my iPod named Pierre
Favourite cartoon character: Blooregard Q. Kazoo, Chowder
Personal Quote: When life gets a bowl of oatmeal.



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